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Saxxon - Termination EP - Saxxon Music / SXX003

With a selection far more ferocious than we are used to with Saxxon and an absolutely air-tight sound, the Termination EP promises pure destruction for any dance it's unleashed upon.

From the future jungle heavyweight entrance of 'Termination Dub', to the neck- snapping marching energy of 'Stepper 3000', into a nod back to the space-aged future sounds of the 90's and a label of the same name 'Under Fire'. The EP then takes you to more familiar Saxx territory with the infectiously relentless roller 'Tip Top' before hitting you right where it hertz with the shaolin-temple sampling switch-bass monster 'Wu Chambers'

This is pure termination.

Saxxon is taking no prisoners in 2022!

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