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Screamarts vs. Current Value - Voltcount - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN151

Surrounded by a city that had long since crumbled were the ruins of a great arena, a construction of wood and stone now far removed from the reach of civilization. Knowledge of its location was limited, for few ventured into the wildlands anymore and even fewer dared brave the horrors that dwelt within the ruins of the old cities such as the one that surrounded the arena. For those strong enough to survive such ventures however, the arena was a place of honor reserved for the solving of disputes of honor through the proving of martial acumen, a venue for duels too dangerous to be conducted any nearer to the bounds of the civilized world.

Thus it was that within these walls two champions of the wildlands now gazed grimly upon each other, each sizing up an opponent that they ready knew far too well for their own liking. One, wreathed in electrical energies, hovered effortlessly above the ground upon a billowing, tempestuous cloud. The other, by contrast clad in simple robes and wielding only a finely crafted sword, shifted with practiced balance between a series of imperceptible stances. Though rivals beyond the arena, each bore the other a certain respect evidenced by the decorum they exhibited before the phantom crowds that hung within the atmosphere of the arena. Then, with naught but a simultaneous nod between them, the pair launched themselves at each other, dispelling the illusory crowd and isolating themselves once more within the confines of an ancient venue that found renewed purpose in their battle.

CURRENT VALUE & SCREAMARTS display their combined sonic prowess across the span of VOLTCOUNT, a collaborative EP that sees the pair of neurofunk titans synthesize their favored styles to create a feverish feast for the Eatbrain horde across the EPs five tracks.

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