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Seekraze & Tao Maffa - Cholia EP - Soundpolis Records / Soundpolis001

A rather heavy, yet vibey journey. That’s what the debut “Cholia EP” brings to the table, putting together two music producers hailing from South Bohemia, Czech Republic, Seekraze & Tao Maffa.

Introducing a newly founded, alternative music label Soundpolis Records, this EP kicks off with their joint effort of the same name. “Cholia” starts with an eerie melodic intro disrupted by the militant drums, blooming in to a full-blown neurofunk roller on the drop. The bass is destroying everything in its path and it just relentlessly keeps on going until there’s nothing left to hold onto.

Next up is the second collab, “Bicycle”, leading in with another catchy riff. Suddenly the music stops and makes way for the heavy bass patches to kick in and vocal sample building up towards the heavy drop. This one’s more funky, yet still a slammer in its own right.

Seekraze’s “Supercell” follows, an aptly named piece of music taking off like a storm. A suspension builds up with the heavy kicks leading up to the drop where the main riff explodes along with the aggressive snares.

Last, but not least, we have Tao Maffa’s “Power” on the menu. A tension is building down in the depths, erupting with a menacing drop that tears the ground beneath you into shambles, ripping through concrete like it’s just a cloth.

A confident debut EP and the first release opening up the path for Soundpolis Records’ future endeavors is coming out on 5.11.2021.

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