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Selecta J-Man - My Style EP - Born On Road / BORN033

#BornonRoad are back with another undeniably huge release, this time fronted by new school drum & bass producer #Selecta #JMan. The figure is an integral part of the imprints sound and both the label, as well as its artists, have been steadily growing in profile over the last few years. It already boasts a heavyweight roster and catalogue of releases, with their ethos being strictly for the dancefloor. With raw talent and emerging names Born on Road have created a place for themselves within the wider world of dance music and their Bristol home has helped them build this vision. Exploring the musical boundaries across Dancehall, Bashment, Reggae, Hip Hop and Jungle, they perfectly encapsulate the city and #SelectaJMan is another example of this fact.

Alongside other key #BornonRoad players such as #Aries, #Kelvin373, #GoldDubs and #Stivs, #SelectaJMan has stood as a defining part of the label’s journey. Renowned for working with Reggae greats, #SelectaJman draws for his wealth of influences through his forthcoming ‘#MyStyle’ EP. #Redders joins #SelectaJMan for the EP’s title-track and it’s the perfectly medley of rinse-out vocals and growling bass notes. Then #RiderShafique is the next collaborator for ‘#SoundBusiness’, which pushes the same club-orientated vibes. #DavidBoomah is welcomed into the mix for ‘#Stronger’, jumping between its stabs of bass and jumping breaks. Meanwhile, #SelectaJMan provides a standalone offering through ‘#KillSound’. With sliced and diced segments and thumping kicks, this track stands out through its staggered drops and flipping beat patterns. It’s definitely another no-holds-barred offering from the artist.

Bringing the EP to a close is ‘#Badboy’. It’s once again another rolling, weighty delivery from #SelectaJMan which explodes on impact. With its distorted vocals leading into each of its grinding breakdowns, it’s a full-on assault throughout. It pulls together another huge release for #BornonRoad. One which again solidifies #BornonRoad’s position, which has been fortified by the genre’s underground.

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