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Shadow Sect, Mollie Collins & Dropset feat. Marianna Ray - Another Day - Cause4Concern Recordings

The quartet of Shadow Sect, Mollie Collins and Dropset have made waves in drum & bass through DJ sets, touring, or as producers. A single with any of them would be a reason to get excited, so all four on one tune is genuinely a special moment. Add in esteemed vocalist Marianna Ray, and you've got the makings of a classic. 'Another Day' is released via Cause4Concern, with the group delivering a powerhouse club banger where interesting textures are the highlight.

'Another Day' opens with aplomb. Marianna Ray's melodious vocal plays out atop stirring violin riffs and driving percussion, setting an epic tone for the rest of the track. The introduction continues, rising and rising until its peak; one drum hit signalling the transition to the verse.

Here, the energy is high. The bass riffs of 'Another Day' detonate the sound system while drum lines stomp underneath them. Later in the mix, the trio introduce a synth motif, its high pitch harmonising with the gritty low-end to create a textural duality more than pleasing to the ears.

On the flip is the track's instrumental. Here, those warbling bass lines and intriguing textures stand out, making 'Another Day' a track that can stand on its own as a great instrumental and vocal track.

Another Day' will arrive to Beatport and Spotify on 27th May, landing on all digital platforms two weeks later on 10th June.

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