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Shanks - The Moment / The Universe - ProgRAM / PRGRAM171

Shanks are a mainstay part of ProgRAM’s roster, with the anonymous duo generating interest across a widespread fan base whilst still not relying on social media algorithms to carry their music to the same audience. Having debuted on the imprint through their ‘Outer Limits’ EP, which has since progressed to another EP ‘Skull & Bones’ as well as exclusives on the RAM Records annual, they've appeared on both the ProgRAM and its sister-label RAM's catalogue, with their US based, unforgiving selections. And now they're dancefloor certified worldwide.

For their next outing on ProgRAM, they conjure a two sided single which cuts through the noise yet adds more depth to their growing discography. ‘The Moment’ steps it down a gear from their previous releases with distorted basslines, old-school percussion and waves of heightened synthesis adding to a dreamlike concoction, as ‘The Universe’ sits in second place against its pilloring breaks and quaking sub levels.

So once again, it’s time to get with the ProgRAM. With Shanks taking the wheel for another round, continuing to push their sound on the imprint.

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