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SiLi - Tsundoku EP - Delta9 Recordings / D9REC082

Next up on #Delta9Recordings we welcome #SiLi, one of the most talented upcoming artists of 2020. #SiLi has been making some moves in the scene recently with scheduled releases on #Fokuz and Liquicity so we’re excited to have him on board representing #Detla9Recordings. For #D9REC082 he brings us a 4 track EP entitled ‘#Tsundoku’ fresh from the dark and rolling corner of Drum & Bass. This release is a #Beatport exclusive from 12th June and then available on general release from 26th June 2020.

Starting us off we have ‘#LastDescent’, a perfect opening track to the EP that builds beautifully with cybernetic stabs and a low slung bassline working together thoughtfully - one for the heads who like the long blends. ‘#AySwetch’ is next up and continuing on with the theme of accurate production featuring crazy vocal proccessed samples that float and flutter across the track, dancing in the crowd whilst a war rages under the scorched earth. Following that we have the title track ‘#Tsundoku’, the track which will drive you crazy with its immense foghorn and the subby bassline. Finally #SiLi brings ‘#JustBreath’, again bringing some magic to this EP with details sprinkled throughout this track keeping things interesting and ultimately very vibesy indeed - big up #SiLi!

#SiLi knows how to intimidate with his music and moves you through a winding journey, continuously switching and rising you up through elevated peaks. It showcases the complexity of #SiLi’ engineering, as well as one of the primary aspects of his sound which has enabled his productions to fit so perfectly into the home of #Delta9Recordings.

Make sure to grab this one, play it loud and follow this amazing producer!

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