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Simon Splice - Dark Contrast - Eloisa Records / ELOISA011

A new name means new beginnings and 'Simon Splice' - AKA 'Exile' - is off to a solid start. Previously hosting his sharp production talents on the 'I Am Eloisa compilation', 'Dark Contrast' is a body of work representing the next stage in Simon's creative evolution; a five-track EP, one that showcases both crunching dance floor prowess and shimmering glimpses into a more melodic production personality. Dark tonalities on the one side and whispers of light on the other is the real contrast inherent to this release.

'Dark To Light' aptly named embodies the fresh aesthetics of Simon's new identity. With a synthetic hook designed for sonic impact, the journey through morphs back and forth with brightly coloured leads into quivering, shaking expressions of low frequency energy, a perfect juxtaposition of tones. 'Synchronise' a more approachable melodic track, underpinned with a savagery in the synths and a barbarism laying within the bassline. This side to Simon's music is beginning to flourish, with two vocal numbers on the table - 'Lost Soul' and 'Colourblind', the former of which sets melancholic soul courtesy of 'Eidna' over a lounging, haunting instrumental.

'Dark Contrast' has something for everyone, but doesn't sacrifice integrity for anyone and we're extremely excited to be beginning this musical journey with Simon.

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