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Sinistarr - Everything On Time EP - DEFROSTATICA

"Everything On Time EP" contains works from a decade that underpin Sinistarr's unique and versatile musical style. At the heart of his second appearance on Defrostatica are two collaborations with label artists Kiat from Singapore and Agzilla from Iceland.

While the original version of KNS features hectic and technoid synth arpeggios on tribal breakbeats, the 2019 rework is a cold fusion of autonomic halftime beats and gritty jungle breaks.

Emo is Detroit Electro on 170 bpm with a sinister message embedded by Agzilla himself. The b-side opens with the playful Garden as Morgan Neimans voice blossoms in thousands shades of spring. Torpor marks the dramatic end to this release with the intent to mirror unfulfilled desire.

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