Sinister Souls - Pleasure of Pain EP - Othercide

#SINISTERSOULS returns to #OTHERCIDERECORDINGS for his latest EP “#PLEASUREOFPAIN”, which follows a selection of their recent releases across labels including #PRSPCTRecordings, #MindocracyRecordings, and their 2019 single on #OTHERCIDE#Spider//#Hatred” as part of an increasingly intense torrent of output from the longtime crossbreed and bass music veteran. Building on such sturdy foundations, #PLEASUREOFPAIN finds ample room to continue to display the signature #SINISTERSOULS sound, standing as a decisive statement of intent as #SINISTERSOUL’s first release of the new year. #PLEASUREOFPAIN sweeps into being on the electrified basslines and cinematic chords of its title track, which surges forth from a subdued atmosphere to provide a dynamic entrance for the EP’s sonic character. #EATBRAINS then follows with a set of distorted kickdrums and arpeggios that seem to rise and fall endlessly between the respective portions of its tense breakdowns and frenzied main sections.#100LIVES features collaboration with #MCKRYPTOMEDIC, who delivers a dense deluge of lyricism atop a track equally dense with percussive elements and metallic timbres that ripple throughout the track with unrestrained kinetic potential. #FLAWLESS closes the EP as a combination of its myriad elements, combining the rapid arpeggios of #EATBRAINS, the cinematic flair of #PLEASUREOFPAIN & the raw energy of #100LIVES for the creation of an audio sequence that does well to live up to the lofty goal suggested by its name. With #PLEASUREOFPAIN, #SINISTERSOULS marks his entrance into the new year on #OTHERCIDERECORDINGS with an EP filled to the brim with destructive sonic power, foreshadowing the coming of further works crafted of the same wicked sonic character so central to the #SINISTERSOULS sound.

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