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Skantia - Esoteric - RAM Records / RAMM435

Home-grown Newcastle talent Skantia continues his slew of singles which is catching up to the drop of his debut album on the 30-year strong RAM Records this May. And forthcoming record ‘Esoteric’ is the delivery before its laid bare - a demonstration once again of why he was exclusively signed to the imprint in 2019. Meanwhile ‘Common Ground’ is the destination, with the album underscoring the artist’s ever-evolving production levels and commitment to his sound. Something which certainly shines through with next single ‘Esoteric’.

With an expansive soundscape and waves of sonic intricacy, ‘Esoteric’ fits the Skantia mold amongst ripple drum skits and shuffling beats. It's an immersive trip, one which highlights the depth of Skantia’s engineering. Proving that there’s still more to come from Skantia as he climbs towards ‘Common Ground’ and its eventual release.

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