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Spearhead Records Present...Emba - Emba - SPEAR205

The debut EP from Emba.

Turning one of the most turbulent times we’ve all experienced into the most creatively prolific chapters of his life, everything you hear on this beautiful and explorative debut album from Emba is the result of one of the biggest lockdown silver linings drum & bass has known so far…

The solo project of Dave Wilson, who was previously of the prolific but now-split act Dexcell, everything about the Emba project burns bright with unique circumstances. A well-versed producer, he’s been immersed in the music game for well over a decade but has always been part of a larger act that comprises other influences and viewpoints. Now, for the first time ever, he’s completely free to pursue his own ideas… And this album is the result.

Using his time away from the club, Emba immersed himself in beats, sculpting stunning grooves for a wide array of respected and hugely talented singers and MCs to pour their hearts and lay down some of their most delicate and revealing lyrics. DRS, Catching Cairo, KSR, Lucy Kitchen, Paper Dragon, Tempza, Ad-apt, Scott Haining, Philippa Hanna, L.I.T.A and Oktae all bring their best to this album, bringing life, voice and human soul to this extensive collection of compositions that come complete with collaborations with Spearhead boss BCee and rising talent Inigma.

Capturing a unique moment in time, the Emba album is a reflection of life for Wilson both post-Dexcell and during a period of lockdowns in which he moved house and became a father. On a much wider world level, he captures a moment for all of us as he gently balances musicianship with production weight to reflect where the most soulful sides of drum & bass are currently at when you’re working with some of the most talented vocalists and songwriters and you’re coming from a place of total exploration and passion for the craft. There’s plenty more to come, too. Emba is just warming up…

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