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Target Audience - No Man's Land / You & Me - ProtoCode / PRTCD006

#Protocode are about to demonstrate that not only do they have a stake in the thriving market of Australia’s drum & bass world, but their reach stretches even further, proving that since they first launched the imprint, they’ve continued their ascent.

And they’re about to offer a place for newcomers and more established names for yet more content on their growing platform. This time it’s from #TargetAudience, the Estonian artist who’s been making his presence felt on a variety of independent labels, the type of which set the underground trends. His part in the ‘#EstonianConnection’ LP on Lifestyle has helped push his name into some of the scene’s most revered corners. This forthcoming single on #ProtoCode will be no different from the success of their recent releases, which have included tear out single ‘#TheHabit’ and ‘#CallingMeClose’ from Dynamics alongside Density, #Confusious and #KNOXZ, as well as the techy sounds of ‘#Transmission’ and ‘#InsufficientData’ from #BoldTheory.

#TargetAudience presents ‘#NoMansLand’ and ‘#YouandMe’ and provides new insight into the sounds of #Protocode’s catalogue. There’s a melodic underpinning to each record, slowing down the brakes on the harder driving anthems which #ProtoCode are renowned for and instead offering something with a more emotive heart. ‘#NoMansLand’ is the first of two records and it’s effortlessly captivating with its pitched synthesis and rolling beat patterns, taking you out into the expansive world of the track’s soundscape. Before long you’re swept up in its driving bassline and it lends itself to the track’s more dancefloor vibe. Then on the flip, you’re delivered ‘#YouandMe’, featuring a darker edge than its forerunner alongside its clapping patches of percussion. Step by step you’re taken into its first break, one which shatters as you’re dropped through elevating layers of synths and note arpeggios. Whilst it still pays homage to the softer side of #Protocode, it also still features the darker underbelly which has become a signature for the label. So once more it’s time to pull yourself into the moods of #Protocode, showcased by a range of groundbreaking producers like #TargetAudience.

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