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Teddy Killerz - Elephant's Language - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN164

Throughout the endless expanses of the savannah and the depths of the jungle alike can be heard a set of bellowing sounds that seem to shake the very earth beneath the feet of all the creatures who perceive them. The provenance of these sounds stretches back millennia, originating within a world frozen, shunned by its guiding star, and plunged into an age of ice and snow. Here strode a species of proud beasts of towering stature, their wollen bodies stretching upwards into the heavens as our own ancestors stepped gingerly across the permafrost in their gargantuan shadow. Careful not to provoke their ire and find themselves impaled upon one of the creature’s great ivory tusks, our people listened in awe as these great giants spoke, their thunderous voices echoing within the crisp air of that frozen era.

In the ages since, the relationship between our two species has changed. Our people have grown, and the descendants of the giants have found themselves smaller, standing in fear and awe of the technological progress that we have made. Our own species is now capable of speaking in an approximation of their tongue, replicating it not with our bodies but instead synthesizing it with our technology. Yet still, it is that when the great trunks of these once-mammoth beings speak in the tones that they have preserved for ages, even the most cynical amongst us do stand in awe of the sonic force that nature has created, listening intently to the booming call of the ELEPHANT’S LANGUAGE.

TEDDY KILLERZ return to EATBRAIN with their latest EP, ELEPHANT’S LANGUAGE, drawing a direct comparison between the resonant weight of their basslines and the powerful presence of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring creatures as they lead the EATBRAIN horde on a stampede across the EP’s 4 track span.

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