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Tellus - Edge of the Earth EP - Locked Concept / LCKDPY006

Following a string of releases on #ContextAudio, #RegressionMedia, #ModernConveniences, and a contribution to #LockedConcept's recent various artist EP, #Tellus closes the year out with his '#EdgeoftheEarth' EP. Each track from this release holds a strong personal meaning for #Tellus and is reflective of changes in his own life and the global events that have made 2020 such a tumultuous year.

The track list for #EdgeoftheEarth is in chronological order, beginning with the earliest written track, '#BlackSwan'. A spaced out and dub-infused piece written during a period of planning for an approaching life change, #BlackSwan draws upon excitement and anticipation. The mood shifts as the melancholy tones of '#Haze' roll in, inspired by the anxiety and distress of seeing Australia's East Coast burn and capital cities engulfed in smoke.

The second half of the EP relates to the producer's new life in Tasmania, an awe-inspiring land that feels hidden away from the world's troubles at the southern edge of Australia. '#DoubleHelix' encompasses the wonder of the landscapes and the journey south from the mainland. The contrasting elements of ‘#Knocklofty’ close the EP, this track representing the comfort in calling a new place home while still missing aspects and people of one's old life.

While #EdgeoftheEarth holds strong personal meanings for #Tellus, the intentions are that individual listeners can attach their own personal meaning to each piece of music.

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