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The Prophecy - Illumination / BiPolar - Code Smell Music / CODESMELL002

#CodeSmell is a new label established in 2020 with a clear mission to push dark, funky, high quality, and forward thinking Drum & Bass. The sound of the label is dirty, fierce, and razor-sharp neurofunk with an edge.

#TheProphecy returns to the label after being part of the very first release which also included funk unfiltered stinkers from the likes of #Disphonia and #Transforma as well as label boss #Bytecode. Now, #TheProphecy are ready to have their solo debut on #CodeSmell.

The title track of the two-track single (“#Illumination”) starts off with dark and lurring soundscapes that slowly evolve and once the listener is fully submerged it explodes in an

array of fierce and uncompromising bass carefully seasoned with funky drum breaks. The second track is entitled “#Bipolar” and the title really says it all. The track begins with an almost euphoric atmosphere accompanied by beautiful arps and strings, but it is not long until it makes a 180 into the oblivion of harsh and bleeding bass with drum breaks programmed with the utmost precision. This release is a modern take on neurofunk and will undoubtedly satisfy the needs of even the most demanding neurofunk addict.

The label is the brainchild of Drum & Bass producer #Bytecode (part of #Instinkt). He has high ambitions for this new label endeavour and wants it to be at the forefront of Drum & Bass and be a premier supplier of the absolute finest and most uncompromising neurofunk.

This release will be available for a two week exclusive on #Beatport and #Spotify from 28th of September, 2020. After the exclusive period, it will be available on all major retailers.

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