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TNTKLZ - Terminal Stage - Eatbrain / EATBRAIN170

The puppeteer's workshop contained a mass of wooden limbs, woolen clothes, and linen masks that protruded oddly and gazed outwards from the shelves, greeting any visitor with a jarring sight upon their arrival. Upon closer inspection, their forms bore remarkably accurate representations of human appearance, a testament to the masterful craftsmanship of an artist who had devoted years of careful study to his craft. Indeed, the puppeteer’s creations entertained courts the continent over with their lifelike forms and were an item of distinct prestige within the collections of the nobility who owned them. Many clamored to purchase one of these most valuable marionettes, but the puppeteer was exceedingly choosy in the selection of his clientele. His storefront strangely advertised no price for his works, and only a select few were even allowed entry to his workshop to begin with. Rumors abounded of the rare goods that were required to purchase one of his creations - the hides of exotic beasts, dazzling gemstones, or spices from distant lands were all said to garner favor with the master artisan, and yet even those who showed up at his door with these items were often turned away. The truth of the matter was known only by the master himself, as was the secret to the expertise in his craft.

Indeed, whilst he was fond of all things rare and beautiful, there was one thing that he valued more than all others, one thing that informed the basis of all of his works. A human soul, separated from it’s physical form at the TERMINAL STAGE of it’s death, would naturally seek a nearby host to possess, and with dark magics and unerring skill the master would trap these mournful souls within his marionettes, granting them an appearance of unparalleled vivacity. He, of course, would perform the separation himself, and found a ready stock of ingredients in the enemies, dissidents, and prisoners that filled the jails of his noble clients. Thus was his trade, puppeteer-executioner, and thus was the price for his work payable only in souls.

TNTKLZ make their EATBRAIN debut with TERMINAL STAGE, presenting a superb sonic show for the EATBRAIN horde alongside likeminded Neurofunk artisans Gancher & Ruin and Profuze across the EP’s four tracks.

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