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Toronto Is Broken, Aktive - Run Underwater Ft. MZKA - YANA Music

#YANAMusic returns with #002 from its catalogue. Again, featuring label owner #TorontoIsBroken but alongside good friend and Luton-based D&B producer #Aktive (#Viper / #PlayMe).

“#RunUnderwater” lulls us in with a false sense of security, crashing washing, euphoric synths and a soaring topline from Limerick-based vocalist #MZKA, who also appeared on two tracks on #TorontoIsBroken’s #ViperRecordingsLP “#YouAre (Not) Alone”, a familiar voice on his productions.

The track quickly switched to a heavy jump-up style riff and drop that has already been devastating dancefloors across Europe this past six months; a strong riff the crowd can chant along to! There are even some cheeky sound clash samples dropped in there to raise the pressure even higher making this track a true melting post of styles!

#YANA002 drops on 30th August 2019 on all major online store and streaming platforms. If you are interested in any press features, please contact:

YANA Music online: Instagram: @yanamusicuk

Toronto Is Broken online: Instagram / Twitter: @torontoisbroken

Aktive online: Twitter: @aktive_uk Instagram: @aktive_dnb

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