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Toyfon - Shadowdance - Neuropunk Records / NRPFRG002

#TOYFON emerges from the fires of the #NEUROPUNKRECORDINGS forge for #NRPFRG002, the latest in the label’s series that places a firm focus on new & rising names in Drum & Bass. With previous releases on labels including #Paperfunk, #Invasion, #RefractionMusic & more, #TOYFON now brings his warped tones to the #NEUROPUNK recordings as he delivers a set of four tracks packed with his own distinctive sound.

#SHADOWDANCE provides a cinematic introduction to the EP with its umbral pads, from within which rises a grinding metallic bassline that winds its way through the track atop a driving drumbeat. #MALEDICTION follows as a slice of jungle influenced tech, merging glassy textures with a breakbeat rhythm that rings out cyclically alongside a malevolent bassline. The ominous incantation of #THREAT’s vocal sample then sets its fluid bassline into frenzied action, spurring forth a sonic assault that flanks its roaring low end with fluttering high frequencies. The innocuously named #PUPPY ends the EP with a razor sharp canid bassline, which rips its way through the track’s sparse atmosphere atop a stripped down percussive rhythm to great effect.

In making his #NEUROPUNKRECORDINGS debut for #NRPFRG002, #TOYFON delivers a decisive display in sonic force built upon the tones of his uniquely distorted sonics, carving out new territory within the landscape of Neurofunk DNB with a set of tracks wrought directly from the flames of the #NEUROPUNK forge.

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