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Transforma - Snake Eyes EP - Bad Taste Recordings / BT111DD

We welcome #Transforma back to #Bad_Taste, displaying his true sonics with the —> #SnakeEyesEP. 4 tracks of pure power, cutting edge production and precise engineering.

The release sets off with —> #Detonate = a monstrous danceoor smasher that punches you right in the face with it's devastating bassline and heavy hitting drums.

Next up, the title track —> #Snake_Eyes = guaranteed to captivate and hypnotise you with it's brilliantly crafted sounds and drum processing that will shake any club’s walls.

Do you hear your own heartbeat? Do you hear the —> #Grasshopper, which is at your feet? This clever funky number displays the skills in which Transforma has developed and the reason why he has risen to these heights. Leading us to the nal track "#Antidote" which is the perfect example of a dnb producer thinking outside of the tin.

This #Neuro infused techno track thumps hard with it's impeccable engineering and catchy but dark bassline.

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