Trex - Society EP - Mac 2 / MAC2DIGI024

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

#DJRandall is world renowned, not just as a selector but also for his own productions. Standing as one of the pillars of the drum & bass community, he’s shaped its curves and trends, alongside his #Mac2Recordings imprint. Founded in 1996, with its history rooted within that of the well-known record shop #DeUndderground, it’s becoming one of the most definitive parts of the genre’s history. Alongside #CoolhandFlex, #Uncle22 and #MikeyDread, #Randall has built #Mac2 into a formidable platform and this is something which it continues to be today. An example of this would be #Trex’s ‘#HighTime’ LP on the label, released in 2018 and signifying just how imperative #Mac2’s catalogue has become for drum & bass listeners. And following stints on #Lockdown, #Ingredients, #FlexoutAudio, #Machinist and #Audioporn, London based #Trex is about to return to #Mac2 with his new EP ‘#Society’.

Already receiving spins from the likes of #Noisia, #HighContrast, #AndyC, #DJHype, #DJMarky and #ReneLaVice, #Trex’s sounds have infiltrated DJ sets globally. With five parts to the EP’s track listing, there’s an array of sounds catered to, highlighting the ingenuity explored throughout #Trex’s productions. The EP’s namesake ‘#Society’ comes first, with a groove highlighted through its expert drum work. The notorious lyricist #MCFats then joins #Trex on ‘#SugarRiddim’, adding his tell-tale vocals into the mix to provide an old-school reminiscent thumper.

#RudeAwakening’ is the next part of the EP, one with bass pads that grow into a wall of sound, the type which strikes through to the tracks core. ‘#Heatwave’ is the penultimate delivery, featuring clunking kicks and rattling, distorted instrumentals slicing their way into the track’s composition. #Hijak is the second MC to make an appearance on ‘#Society’, bringing his crooning world play throughout the record and adding a nastier underbelly as it progresses with warbling LFOs and aggressively strung together beat patterns. It leaves the EP on a high; #Trex once again shows that he’s able to bridge the gap between heritage and the contemporary, proving that through his commitment to definitive labels such as #Mac2Recordings.

Juno Exc: 5th Aug


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