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Trex - Too Far (DLR Remix) / Dopamine VIP - Trust Audio / TRUST024

Bristol don dada & Sofa Sound label boss, the mighty DLR comes with a full flavoured remix of Trex's 'Too Far.' While Trex goes in big & slappy with his VIP of 'Dopamine.'

Arguably the jewel in the Trust crown, the Trex original of 'Too Far' has been destroying dances for a hot minute & still gets drawn for in sets today, four years after it first circulated on dub. In the fast moving world of DnB, only a classic & certified heater achieves that kind of longevity.

Taking on the 'Too Far' remix was always gonna be a challenge, so there was no option but to bring in a pedigree artist to take it on. To be fair there was only one artist that Trex felt was right for the job...the legend that is DLR. You just know the Bristol badman is gonna deliver, preserving all the grit & energy of the original whilst adding that distinctive DLR spice & dare i say it 'Sauce' to serve up a seriously sumptuous roller. DLR is like the masterchef of dubbed out tech rollige & this remix will have you salavating for another serving...come again selecter!

Moving on to Trex - Dopamine VIP, which see's the Trust boss amp up the original to next levels & deliver a beast of a VIP. Trex has been moving differently this last year, with a string of releases on some of the scenes biggest labels, as well as a hefty touring schedule & co owner of the label, it's business as usual but turned a few notches. A metaphor that is comparative of the original & the Dopamine VIP, taking things up a few degrees, it was definitely a good day in the studio for the London based producer, featuring those clever switches & glitches that Trex does so well, along with his distinctive gnarly, twisting bass patterns & spine splintering beats, it's a lethal sonic cocktail that elevates this VIP to magnum status. Trust me, this one grabs you by throat, slaps you about & salutes you on the way out!

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