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Trex - Undergrowth EP - Onyx Recordings / JET005

Undoubtedly one of drum and bass’ brightest talents right now, Trex has been steadily making a name for himself as a producer who always excites. Maybe you caught his mammoth Stay at Home Festival set, or maybe you heard his hefty remix of 107’s “Dot Matrix”. Either way, there are many reasons why people in the scene can’t stop talking about the London-based producer.

Let’s give you another reason! Introducing Trex’s Undergrowth EP – a 5-track delve into the mind of a producer with a love of making bass heavy tunes. Landing on Onyx Recordings as a the 5th instalment in our JET series, Trex’s debut EP is symbolic of the dense undergrowth all of us have been battling our way through of late.

From the title track making use of Rider Shafique’s messages surrounding the constant struggle we’re facing to stay positive, to Pastry Maker’s reference to events being locked off without any explanation in “Answers”. As someone living in London, Trex knows all too well how difficult life in the city is – especially amidst a pandemic – so he wanted Undergrowth to encapsulate this.

But the EP isn’t just about awesome vocal features. As a producer who is obsessed with getting his production levels to the best standard possible, Trex has enlisted Teej and T>I to help Undergrowth hit some seriously high levels.

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