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Tweakz - Eyes of June EP - Delta9 Recordings / D9REC066

#Delta9_Recordings is becoming a household name within the drum & bass realms, having delivered many head-turning releases and providing finely tuned cuts for sets across the genre’s spectrum of tastes. With a host of pivotal tracks, as well as standalone singles offered by blossoming producers from throughout Europe, they’ve now called again Hamburg based Michael Stein aka Tweakz, for his 2019 stunning and fresh release!

Up first from #Tweakz is ‘#Eyes_Of_June’, giving a fresh touch to the EP but still keeping Tweakz melodic signature, going for softer breakdowns but still channelling an undercurrent of static. The bassline pushes itself through the mix and manages a driving rhythm, however there are still stepped out notes which bring the style together. "#Chaning_Me" is coming near after with its deep atmospheres and melodies, going to an amazing drop which recreate an emotional brain vortex delivering a wave of pure bass. Third comes ‘#Contradictions’, featuring the mighty #dvdv, strutting through with fizzling levels of bass and rolling drum patterns, the type which gives an understated composition more weight. It’s an emotive record with layers of synth, helping to elevate the track and make it appeal to an audience encompassed by the night’s vibes.

The final tune of the EP is an amazing remix of "#Electric_Smile" done by the legend himself #HLZ!

As a package, "Eyes of June EP" bring Tweakz personality as a musician and platform his aptitude as an artist. Together with Delta9 Recordings, he’s set to catch the attention of a wider fan base, one stretching across continents.

Make sure to grab this one and play it loud!

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