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Twintone - Bittersweet EP - Rowtown Records / ROW022EP

Rowtown Records kicks off 2021 with a long-time musical fellow of label boss Rowpieces and free-spirited countryman. Mr. Twintone, an avid enthusiast of Thai culture, cuisine, language and nature, delights us with an exceptionally beautiful EP that we are proud to add to our catalogue. Whenever he gets out of the jungle and pauses his meditative state, he grabs one of his guitars and sits down to a tune. Following the yin and yang principle, one half of this EP is jazz-tinged and the other atmospheric and dreamy. A dedication to his sweet heart is also included - he immortalises his love and foolishness in "Miss Leno", a dreamy, flattering and calm piece. Title track "Bittersweet" is Row's absolute favourite, and those who know his exquisite taste know it's the Jazz, it's the incredibly mellow mood, and at the same time the danceability thanks to a fluid beat and a slick bassline. "Out Of The Blue" toots the same horn, with a bit more old school flavour, and is strongly reminiscent of the good mid-nineties of jazzy Intelligent Drum & Bass. The closing track "Alma Gemea" leaves the listener with a mixture of longing for a brighter world and absolute serenity, as if looking at the sea during sunset after a long meditation. That's what we need, now more than ever; inspiration, reassurance, confidence and exuberance.

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