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Upgrade - Band Practice - RAM Records / RAMM416

Upgrade has made a name for himself through RAM Records alongside two singles and exclusives which have cemented him as a leading part of the drum & bass imprint’s new wave of artists establishing its nearly 30-year-old catalogue in 2021. Singles like ‘You Got Me’ and ‘Won’t Hold Back’ enabled the producer to stake his claim on the label and from his first output on RAM he’s been able to flex his versatility across its platform. His jaunty new selection ‘Band Practice’ is no different.

With Upgrade enlisting his own vocals for the record and proving himself as multi-faceted, plucky strings and spoken leads take you deep into growling bass stabs of 'Band Practice'. A track which reintroduces you back into the clubs, Upgrade’s comeback on RAM showcases why he’s become a vital part of its current roster - as well as the depth of his personality as a producer and artist.

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