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Various Artist - Dissipate LP - MethLab

METHLAB RECORDINGS delivers the third entry of their exploratory INTEGRAL AESTHETICS series with the DISSIPATE LP, a diverse LP from an equally diverse lineup of producers that presents a particular strand of forward-thinking bass music across its duration. Driven by a shared focus on atmospheric & melodic sonic elements, DISSIPATE continues in the series’ focus on broadening the scope of bass music whilst displaying its own sonic narrative in full, a tale inspired by the very pursuit of this ideal.

Individually, the tracks within DISSIPATE fall individually as the name suggests, disparately across a wide range of tempos and traditional stylistic boundaries. Some verge on the border of ambience, their lush soundscapes stretching across languid beat patterns as they drift with cloudlike grace. Others take their cues from early two step patterns of electronic music, the rapid flow of their percussion providing the undercurrent for the rapidly evolving atmospheres and melodies empowered by their energy.

The full arc of DISSIPATE rallies these disparate elements together, their parts creating a whole through their shared sonic texture and a pervasive tone of hopeful longing. Influenced at once by the foundations of sonics past and the possibilities of those to come, DISSIPATE coalesces in full as an ode to the continued reimagining of our sonic palettes.

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