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Various Artists - 1 More Tune Vol 2 (Dave Jenkins' New Label) - 1 More Thing / 1MT002

Dave Columbo Jenkins proudly presents 1 More Thing, a new label arm to his editorial operations. New to the label game but definitely not new to the bass game or industry in general. Chances are he’s interviewed you or supported your music in one way or another during his years as a journalist for a variety of brands and titles.

Now flexing a full content platform of his own, 1 More Thing is a reflection the music, attitude and positive energy he wants to see in the world; dedicated to championing new talent, celebrating innovation and joining the dots between the genres and the generations, the underdogs and the underground. Following a successful free download VA at Christmas, 1 More Tune Vol 2 is the first proper release on the full label.

15 tracks across drum & bass, breakbeat, dubstep and halftime, artists on board for this release are all burgeoning breakthrough talents who have a natural flare, stand out from the crowd and show exciting promise for the future. Hailing from UK to America, South Africa to Cuba and all across Europe, this diverse crew provide the full spectrum of breakbeat-based vibes: deep, soulful, dancefloor, heavyweight, rolling and every far-out flavour in between. We know you’re busy, so to save you time and help you find the right tune for your signature vibe, the genres are as follows…

Volaire - The Hive & The Queen (Dramatic breakbeat drama)

INSIKE - Beatbox (Swaggering heavyweight big room dubstep)

Baronna - Peggy Cadis (Unhurried, electro-flavoured breakbeat)

Massive Zebra & Subcurrent - Backstabber (Tense techno-influenced halftime/D&B)

Erotic Cafe - Alive (Futuristic purring D&B)

Hallow - Aquifer (Deep smouldering D&B)

Zoner - Behind Your Eyes (Soulful poignant D&B)

Moakz - In The City (Jazz-tinged timeless jungle)

Illament - Eyes Closed (Grizzly, grubby D&B)

DJ Zent - Bun Dat (Chop-your-head-off D&B)

20Sheet - Nemesis (Theatrical dancefloor D&B)

E.M.Z - Dorio Funk (Bouncy D&B bassline bubbler)

Jinbu - The Answer (Creeped-out D&B futurism)

Amalgamate - Save U (Trippy, woozy 140 styles)

Fawne - Under Gravel I Must Rest (Macabre, emotional Dubstep)

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