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Various Artists - Best of Elevate Records 2022 - Elevate Records / ELA127

As always, the end of the year gives us a great chance to stop, think, and appreciate all the awesome moments from the past twelve months.

2022 is no different and for the team here at Elevate Records, we're all extremely proud of the music we've brought you throughout the year. Cue the 'Best of 2021 Compilation Album', featuring some of the highlights from a brilliant year of releases from the Elevate crew. Including Friction's 'Remember', Turno & Kanine's 'Polarity VIP', Document One & Emily Makis' 'Tongue Tied', and 12 more superb Elevate offerings from 2022, this compilation is packed with an array of dancefloor drum and bass ammunition that encapsulates an array of special releases on the label this year.

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