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Various Artists - Fluid - Bad Taste Recordings / BT117DD

For the end of the summer we bring to you something a little bit more relaxed. Something deep and melodic to calm your inner raver.

A collection of six tracks from six different artist experimenting with a very interesting, spiritual soundscape side of Drum & Bass that relates to the soft melodic side of ‘#Liquid’ with the depth of what was known as ‘#Intelligent’ but crossed with the sound complexity of ‘#Neurofunk’ to bring to you, what we thought should be called - #FLUID

#ZombieCats - Reaction ft. Sarah Pellicano : A hypnotic vocal hook, invoking a positive response. #Ephyum - Ice Cave : A meditative approach to a frosty spiritual journey. #MinorRain - Proton : Calming everything down on a molecular level. #Drumsik - Things You Know - Making you realise that deep within are all the answers. #Bohemian - Incube - A place containing everything we know to exist. #PLTX - 808 Games - Vibrations to play with as your soul aligns.

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