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Various Artists – Head Nodders Vol 6 - Grid Recordings / GRIDUK108

Our Various Artists EP, ‘#HeadNodders6’ is ready and raring to go. Five head nodding rollers have been unleashed onto the D&B scene and are causing havoc everywhere!

Following up from, ‘#StressBall’ on #HeadNoddersVol5, Brum murker #Warhead returns to #Grid for the 6th time with ‘#Spitfire’. An aggressive rolling dancefloor piece of filth so dirty you’re going to need to wash your ears out after listening to it!

#Dunk, also known as #Neto from #JamThieves and East Sussex lad #StillZ have joined forces to create ‘#DangerKilla’, a dark, minimal steppa with a rolling sub bass.

South American #Yatuza & #Wave don’t muck around when it comes to making beats. They have collaborated and produced a monstrous roller. Don’t be fooled by the name; this one will haunt your nightmares forever.

London based Irishman #ZeroT has created rolling gold and has absolutely nailed it with ‘#NorthsideSouthside’. A stinker of a roller you’re going to hear on every radio station, live stream and podcast going.

#PA’s been a little quiet as of late but you’ll be pleased to know that he’s back with a hard drive full of bad boy beats that no one has heard before. ‘#Donku’ is a fine example of said ‘#BadBoyBeats’. It’s a huge piece of rolling heaven and has gained the support from no other than Dutch trio #Noisia.

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