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Various Artists - Programmed Vol. 5 - ProgRAM / PRGRAM127

The #ProgrammedEP series has played a pivotal point in the careers of many artists from across the drum & bass genre. An ever-evolving and universally recognised part of #Ram’s sister-label, its history has proved that it has shone a light on producers who’ve since gone on to build illustrious careers. And it now signals the fifth part of its journey, welcoming six fresh selections into the mix and displaying the talent which has encapsulated #ProgRAM’s audience from the imprint’s launch.

With the old-school reminiscent flavours of #HeadRead, the joining of forces between #Airglo, #ChiefJesta and #MCWoes, the lush textures of #Virtue, #OX7GEN's technical breaks, the emotive arpeggios of #Cliques and #SammieHall, as well as the well-loved rolling motions of #NC17, #ProgrammedVol5 is a ride through the label's vast sonic outreach. So once again, it's time to get with the #ProgRAM. Delivering more soon-to-be household names to your doorstep.

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