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Various Artists – That’s What We Call Bass! Volume 3 - Grid Recordings / GRIDUK113

#ThatsWhatWeCallBass returns with volume 3 of the series featuring some of the scenes most awe-inspiring producers from the UK, Russia and Mexico.

For those that don’t know, #ThatsWhatWeCallBass started back in 2010 and part 2 followed in 2013. Full of big tunes by big artists such as #Serum, #NorthernLights, #Jaydan, #MutatedForms, #Zen, #Tyke, #Prestige, #Rawtee & #VitalElements.

It’s taken us a while to get volume 3 ready, but that’s only because it had to be just as big, bad and awesome as the ones before it and we believe these 6 tracks do it the justice it deserves.

So, grab yourself a beer, turn the volume up, and enjoy this stinker of an EP which takes jump up to the next level.

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