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Various Artists - The Full Spectrum Part 1 - EKOU Recordings

After the success of our first various artists release, ‘The Voice of EKOU’, we’d like to present to you our next installment, ‘The Full Spectrum’. This project started as an idea to create a platform for up and coming producers, however over the previous months has developed into something that has allowed us to include both newcomers and established artists alike.

In the 2 and a half years since our first release, we’ve been on a constant journey through sound, and have been a platform for a variety of artists, all of whom produce a variety of styles under the drum & bass umbrella. With ‘The Full Spectrum’, we hope to showcase our journey for you, our audience; some of you have been with us from the beginning, others are new to the label - either way we hope you know what to expect!

This is our representation of the full spectrum of drum & bass, and what the genre means to us. We hope you enjoy listening to this massive VA just as much as we did putting it together.

‘The Full Spectrum’ has 22 tracks, split over 2 parts, and features both newcomers and seasoned artists alike. Part 1 drops exclusively on February 4th via Bandcamp and Beatport, followed two weeks later by Part 2 on February 18th.

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