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Various Artists - Together As One Vol 3 - Train Recordings

With the Together As One series on #TrainRecordings we continue to bring you fresh Drum & Bass music from artists all over the world.

JUDGE D - #Godzilla:- Coming in hard with the first track we are proud to have the Braunschweig, Germany based DJ & promoter #JudgeD with his first ever release, starting off with a sweet hi-hat, a filtering break and a jungle techno influenced hardware melody which brings you forward to the "Hello" vox before the drop, then boom! The analog bass and tight drum work will keep you engaged and make you feel like #Godzilla is in the building!

HIGH FREQUENCY - #Mysteries:- Secondly we are proud to have another first release, this time from Hemel Hempstead, UK based DJ & producer #HighFrequency. A high passed break, ride cymbal and dark pads open up into a crisp drum kit that filters down with gritty stabs before it turns into a deep and dangerous roller full of sublow basses, wobs and woms, this one's sure to be a banging mixer for any DJ.

DR KICK & JAXX - #RightHere:- Thirdly we have the talented Bogota, Colombia based DJ, Producer & Promoter of TreeSounds events #DrKick linking up with Hemel Hempstead, UK based #TrainRecordings label boss, DJ & producer #Jaxx for a heavy colab, and what a wicked combo. Starting off with a summery musical intro it really gives you a false sense of whats about to happen at the drop, pure dancefloor mayhem with a mixture of their basses, signature sounds and super crispy drums, this one's sure to have your sets firing on all cylinders.

SLIX - #Alien:- Fourth we are proud to have another first release from Bristol, UK based DJ, MC & Promoter of #RampUp events #Slix coming with a high energy Bristol influenced jump up roller, opening up with a long old school 64 bar intro with mysterious pads, synth work, a grimey sci-fi vocal that no one expects, and tight beats. On the drop a serious bass melody with plenty of wobs & variations that keep morphing throughout take you through.

TRAUMA DBC ft. MC REEALITY - #GetDirty:- Fifth and last but not least we have the Cambridge, UK based DJ & Producer #Trauma DBC who teams up with #MCReeality for this bouncy roller. At the beginning it has a bitcrushed pad melody and the punchy drum beat comes straight in before building down before the drop, then in comes the get dirty vocal and bosh! Plenty of variation in the bass sounds, percussion and cuts of the vocal that come back through the track will keep you in the mix with this one.

To be continued...

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