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Vici - Element 115 EP - Hyperactivity Music / HYP-021

France is where drum & bass label #HyperactivityMusic made its home and its drawn from the country’s creativity to provide its own place within the wider area of dance music, whilst staying inherently underground. Spearheaded by DJ and producer #BRK, well known for his part in creating local spaces for likeminded artists to have their own take on the genre across European audiences, #HyperactivityMusic has been one of the most exciting labels to come through in recent times. #BRK’s expert ear for new artists has enabled this to happen; with releases from #Gunston, #SBZ, #Peyo and #Vici all becoming a driving force for the imprint’s roster, Hyperactivity have grown a formidable arsenal of artists each having their own sound whilst following the same high-reaching production standards.

#Vici is returning to Hyperactivity Music with his forthcoming ‘#Element115’ EP, which sees him sticking to the rhythms he’s renowned for whilst also dipping his toe into new waters, playing with the contemporary trends infiltrating clubs. From title-track ‘#Element115’ right through to ‘#Angels’, #Vici explores an array of different takes on the drum & bass genre. It gives an insight into why #BRK brought him into the hands of #Hyperactivity, as he’s able to fit any sonic mould he decides to explore.

‘#Element115’ is the first of three tracks, with a growling bassline carrying itself through the tracks core, as its zapped by the tracks LFOs. ‘#Scatta’ delivers old-school breaks, proving that he’s not been disconnected from the foundations which have grown him as a producer. Rattling drums merge with punchy sampling to add another versatile part to the EP. ‘Angels’ is the last track and it totally changes its direction, taking you through on top of plucking strings and weaving melodies. The distorted vocals of ‘#Angels’ offers another lulling tone and you’re left to bask in its soothing piano notes. ‘#Angels’ provides a totally different side to #Vici, although it’s one which has made itself listenable through the versatility of his EP. It’s demonstrative of why Hyperactivity Music has gained such widespread popularity; for their ability to showcase what drum & bass has to offer.

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