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Volatile Cycle - The Wall - Cause4Concern Recordings / C4CDIGUK077

Volatile Cycle (VC) - The Unstoppable Force on Cause4Concern's Roster – Realize!

Norwich's dynamic drum and bass duo, Volatile Cycle, have solidified their status as one of the go-to acts on the revered Cause4Concern label. VC have been relentlessly pushing boundaries and carving their path in the scene. Now they're back for an electrifying release!

The duo lead the charge and continue their unstoppable momentum. The opening track “The Wall” keeps the adrenaline high, driven by thunderous low frequencies and accented synth stabs that lay the foundation for an exhilarating and swaggering climax.

“Homage “combines their rich musical influences to create an extraordinary soundscape that takes you on a sonic journey. The track boasts breathy atmospheres woven intricately with forward-thinking future funk bass, making it a true masterpiece and a testament to VC's artistic prowess.

Prepare yourself for an auditory experience like no other as Volatile Cycle redefine the boundaries of drum and bass. Stay tuned for "The Wall & Homage," an unmissable addition to any collection.

“The Wall & Homage” will arrive to Beatport & Spotify on 25th August, landing on all digital platforms two weeks later on 8th September.

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