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Vorso - Wanderer EP - Pilot Records / PILOT036

A new decade: time to set new destinations, missions, explorations. Time to take a wander… And Vorso is our consummate guide. Less of a mild stroll and more of a rocket-powered romp through every known subgenre in the D&B continuum, here the joyously unpredictable wayfaring bass #wanderer makes his full #Pilot EP debut with his most explorative adventure to date. Strap up your marching shoes, chisel those middle fingers down to the finest possible points and please pay attention… ‘#Constellations’ prepares the countdown and take off, setting the parameters of the excursion and hinting at our unclassified destination with its space-bound elastic harmonics before flowing elegantly into the warped bass screams and heaven-like chords of ‘#Skytrace’; elements that hit you so hard you feel you could tear a vortex in the space time continuum with your bare hands. The halftime heroics and perverse bass gargles of ‘#HeatShimmer’ add more dark matter fuel to #Vorso’s cosmic fire before ‘#Mire’ blasts us deep into pure D&B territory. While drum & bass foundations are in almost everything Vorso writes, this is one of his first classically-trained D&B piece… And it absolutely slams. Think classic Virus meets timeless Vision but done in #Vorso’s own unique way. Finally we reach our destination: ‘#Wanderer’ is one of #Vorso’s most brazen and theatrical pieces to date. Igniting with woozy, dreamy chords, it then propels us into a turbine melee of ferocious contrasts; the vibrant synths, the triumphant cadences and the heaving bassline horsepower fuse to create a feeling that’s every bit as gully as it is uplifting. Loaded with a cheeky lo-fi VIP, ‘#Wanderer’ should be filed strictly under unique: Sharing elements and textures between the tracks, the transitions on this release are smooth and considered throughout the arrangement, creating a tangible story-like framework and dynamic. While each of these tracks will tear a club apart, this EP is much more than a collection of dancefloor slap-and-ticklers, it’s a full-on universe where each track calls and responds to each other and adds to a much bigger story that’s unfolding with every release Vorso drops. Arguably one of the most respected, innovative and exciting bass meddlers to emerge in the leftfield pastures of UK bass since #Culprate, over the last few years Vorso has developed a spotless reputation… And he’s only just warming up. Expect many, many more destinations, missions and explorations as the 20s unfolds.

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