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Xeomi & Kaiza - Twist EP - Hanzom Music / H017

We can not hold back. And now we show you what we have in stock:

It is not only in the business sector that wonderful things are blossoming from the partnership between South Korea and Germany. #Xeomi and #Kaiza, known for coining the term Koreastep, are all about said partnership musicwise and the result is obviously Drum & Bass but in a unique executed and somewhat unadulterated way. Their majestic "#TwistEP" on #HanzomMusic is choc-full of straight-forward vibes and restored our faith in humanity. Starting very twisted it goes from bright poppy stuff to aggressive basslines to close with a bang.

This is the second release on the label by those crazy guys. #TheLifeAfterDeathEP came out in early 2019 and already displayed a rough, rugged and raw approach to Drum & Bass. Now it is time for more!


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