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Magnetude - Trail of Tears - Evolution Chamber / EVOC008

‘#TrailofTears’ is the next sought after single from #Magnetude and represents what the duo aims for when they produce music. And that’s not just to deliver hard-hitting drum & bass, but also to combine their musical skills and assert them into narrative tales. Alongside the intricate detail of its artwork, ‘#TrailofTears’ takes on a western theme and it’s these themes which have made the soundscapes of their label #EvolutionChamber so appealing for fans. Brought together by the joint might of #TaskHorizon, #Magnetude and #Receptor, #EvolutionChamber was launched in the latter half of 2019 and from then it’s risen from strength to strength. It’s provided a home for like minded artists and it’s remained fiercely independent, something which has been recognised by the wider dance music scene. And their next single continues a flurry of releases which has seen them set standards over the past twelve months, with ‘#TrailofTears’ providing another tale for its fan base.

The title is based on the "#TrailofTears" displacement between 1831 – 1877, with the track being their telling of a Native American hero who revolts against the confederate Americans. With its inspired intro, it proves to be a signature of #Magnetude’s imaginative production settings. However, as you’re gradually taken through the track’s build-up, you’re suddenly dropped into its zapping LFOs and pummelling levels of bass, following the final showdown with the confederates. Fine-tuned and explosive, the cowboy reminiscent instrumentals cut through the mix, giving it a disjointed yet melodic feel. It takes the traditional dark drum & bass track, ready for contemporary dance floors and gives it a dynamic twist.

With one foot in Russia and the other in the UK, #Magnetude continue to draw on a range of influences to deliver their records. They’ve helped build the creative platform that is #EvolutionChamber and remain at the helm of its release schedule.

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