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Random Movement - Lost On Purpose - Flight Pattern Records / FLTPTRN001LP

We are proud to bring you #RandomMovement's latest musical works in a new album - "Lost On Purpose". This marks his second full-length album, drawn together with collaborative efforts of fellow producers Anthony Kasper, Jaybee, Dave Owen, and an inspirational vocal performance and lyrics by T.R.A.C. A philosophical journey of personal enlightenment, self-discovery and introspection, this album serves as a defining statement of Random Movement's artistry as a musician. The albums style varies across the board, from ambient soundscapes to heavy bangers, and from soulful, melodic tunes to dark, brooding tracks. Through the heavy influence of jazz, soul, funk and dub styles, Random Movement's sophomore album guides us deep along the yet-to-be-defined path of his ever-maturing and changing sound, with complex melodies, creative sound design, intricate sampling, acute production details and a heavy reliance on instrumental performance. This marks the Flight Pattern imprint's first release of an LP, and we are excited for all of you to hear it, take the journey, and get lost--on purpose.

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